Class Schedule







9:30 am YOGA

$95 + HST 6 weeks or $20 drop in


7:00 pm PILATES

$95 + HST 6 weeks

9:15 am PILATES

$95 + HST 6 weeks or $20 drop in




$125 6 weeks

or $25 drop in





Yoga - All fitness levels welcome with modifications. Come to relax and free your mind while strengthening and stretching your entire body. 

Guided Meditation - Calm your mind and feed your soul while Tanya takes you through a guided meditation. This class focuses on the different chakras in your body and how to become more mindful. 

Pilates - This is a low-impact workout. Pilates focuses on flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Work your posture muscles, core strength, and muscle balance. 

Mat Pilates with Weights- These craftily designed classes give you whole-body work all while helping you move with greater ease and efficiency. A moderately-paced class that builds your movement foundation and skills to explore the intermediate Pilates repertoire with confidence.  As your knowledge and strength grow you will experience increased muscle integration and improved efficiency in your movement. 


If you have any questions feel free to email us at or call the gym (519) -216-0904